Tuesday, 23 January 2018 15:13

CGICOP actively promotes the use of BIM-technologies and improves the level of project management

According to BIM-technology development and implementation process, this technology will be consistently applied in the construction industry for project management in China and abroad. At the present time, CGICOP is in the process of creation of a new development strategy, actively organizes training courses for BIM technologies, promotes new technologies that optimize the implementation of facilities, also company increases the level of control and management.

 3D - model of the multifunctional center

3D - model of the multifunctional center “G.S Pearl Plaza” in the Republic of Belarus

Over the past six months, employees of CGICOP have been trained and obtained basic knowledge of BIM-technology, and can they can easily use it. In order to use the new technologies at the project sites, as well as to test these technologies, foreign engineering companies actively establish connections with the CGICOP-Bel in order to use the Belarusian projects as pilot projects for the application of BIM- technologies.

A group of foreign engineering companies conducted a comprehensive 3D modeling of the multifunctional center “G.S Pearl Plaza” in the Republic of Belarus and fully integrated a special model for analyzing 3D drawings. After optimization, the project will be delivered to the site to improve the construction management plan.

QR – code of the multifunctional center

QR – code of the multifunctional center “G.S Pearl Plaza” in the Republic of Belarus

For maximizing the usage of BIM-technology in company’s projects, the technical group gave instructions to the staff at the construction site for storing project materials using a two-dimensional code, and also stored the code in the engineering department so that the contractor and the project manager can use it at any time. At the same time, if there are any difficulties in construction process, a three-dimensional demo-video in combination with technical briefing documents, as well as a two-dimensional code located in certain places at the construction site can help workers understand the construction process and special instructions for the building works. Some new materials and new technologies used at the construction site are scanned by BIM-personnel, the scanned code creates three-dimensional model. Construction project, all the technologies and other materials are also stored in the special technical database, all the object data is constantly updated, which helps project to be optimized. In addition to that, a database of 3D-models is created for permanent usage and the technical database of the company is increased by adding new materials.

3D-scanning of multifunctional center

3D-scanning of multifunctional center “G.S Pearl Plaza” project in the Republic of Belarus

Based on this application, the company will conduct more in-depth research and testing of BIM technologies during the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance phases, as well as implement the further use of these technologies at sites in China and abroad. In the future, by improving the scientific level of project management, it will improve the technical viability and efficiency of the enterprise.

(Reporter: Zhang Ming)