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Governor of the People's Government of Gansu Province Mr. Tang Renjian visited CGICOP-Bel LLC

On 3rd of September, China's Gansu Province delegation headed by the provincial Governor Mr. Tang Renjian and the Gansu Delegation paid a call on CGICOP-Bel LLC. Chairmen of China Gansu International Corporation for Economic and Technical Cooperation Mr. Su Haiming reported about the directions of development and the fields of the company activities in recent years, as well as about the efforts and achievements in the implementation of the 'One belt, one road' initiative (hereinafter - OBOR initiative). Besides, Mr. Su Haiming informed the Governor about the developmental history and the expansion of foreign operations of the Corporation. CGICOP-Bel LLC has been created by the Corporation under the auspices of the development strategy of the Corporation and in accordance with the government OBOR initiative.

Having actively responded to the 'One belt, one road' initiative, the Corporation has created the company CGICOP-Bel LLC in Belarus, which bears political responsibility and represents the strategic vision of the parent company in the whole. Since its establishment, CGICOP-Bel LLC has already received the certificate of compliance of the second category given by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus to confirm the right to perform the functions of general contractor and to provide engineering consultation service, as well as the certificate STB ISO-9001 given by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart).

Mr. Su Haiming mentioned that Belarusian market is very much different from the African market. In light of this, CGICOP-Bel LLC being the company of economic activity based on physical labour must evolve into a company with a focus on high levels of educational achievements, solid grounding of the staff and fund of experience (company's business should encompass the whole process ranging from design engineering, consultations, maintenance of engineering supervision to business management and management consulting).

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Photo: Governor of Gansu Province Mr. Tang Renjian listens to a progress report for work of the company.

Mr. Su Haiming informed Mr. Tang Renjian about the developing management models, such as 'one country, one management strategy' and the allocation management model. The company development in Belarus satisfies all management requirements, i.e. the employee allocation, management allocation, economic business management allocation, capital allocation. This development model is a long-run policy of the parent company and meets the requirements of the economy and laws of the Republic of Belarus.

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Photo: Mr. Tang Renjian gives instructions concerning the work of the company.

The delegation members watched the presentation film of the company with interest, and listened to the report of the Chairman. The Governor highly appreciated the results achieved by the Corporation in recent years. He also made a demand for the next step forward of the Corporation development and emphatically inserted that Gansu companies must sum up their strengths and weaknesses, along with developing their activities in transport connection and logistics.

From olden times Gansu Province has been a strategically important point for the Silk Road in the whole and the most important part of OBOR initiative. The Governor gave a few pointers on taking advantage of rail, road, and air transport development. He also focused on continuing the information seeking on cargo shipping, distributive trades junctions, supply chain planning, and etc. In perspective, CGICOP-Bel LLC must become an active player on the logistics market, develop hardware and software for the attraction of neighbouring markets, successfully conjoin the development plan of the company with the strategy of Gansu Province, to bring into action the policy of the province in the fields of logistics, transportation, and tourism towards opening to the world Gansu Province along the Silk Road route.

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Photo: Governor of Gansu Province with CGICOP-Bel LLC corporate employees.

After the report, the Governor Mr. Tang Renjian with the Chairman of the Corporation Mr. Su Haiming visited the construction site of the multifunctional complex G.S PLAZA 'Pearl'. The Governor praised this construction project as it totally corresponds to the state policy and the requirements of the current market. He called for using the geography-specific advantage of Belarus and for entering the neighboring markets, as well as for highly efficient and prompt completion of the object. Further, the Governor gave advice on the external design and preservation of the traditional architectural aspects during the project implementation as well.

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Photo: Mr. Tang Renjian visits the multifunctional complex G.S PLAZA 'Pearl'.

On 4th of September, Mr. Tang Renjian together with Mr. Su Haiming called on the construction site 'SAS Radiator Factory Building and Construction' in China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone. During their visit, the Governor asked the Corporation to realize this project most accurately simultaneously with finding new promising projects, and to become the resident of the Great Stone. In its turn, Gansu Province Government will provide support in politics and financing activities for holding up Gansu enterprises with their development and progress in the industrial park.