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The Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gansu Construction Investment (Holding) Group Corporation Mr. SU HAIMING was on a visit to Minsk

August 30th-September 5th, Mr. Su Haiming, the Secretary of the Communist Party, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO of the parent company China Gansu International Corporation for Economic and Technical Cooperation, in charge of the working party visited CGICOP-Bel LLC, reviewed the operating results of the company, instructed, and announced the requirements for future work.

August 31st, Mr. Su Haiming met with Mr. Luo Zhanhui, Charge d'affaires a.i. at the Embassy of People's Republic of China in the Republic of Belarus, and expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Belarus for bringing its support to the company in business development of the Gansu Construction Investment (Holding) Group Corporation in Belarus, alongside with providing support in the processes of the qualification certificates registration and keeping in contact with the government bodies of the Republic of Belarus. He said, as a major state enterprise the Gansu Construction Investment (Holding) Group Corporation will render a service to the Embassy, jointly with which they aim to save the image of the country and always work with full dedication. During the conversation, Mr. Su Haiming focused Mr. Luo Zhanhui's attention on the strategy development ideas of the company and its territorial governance model; the Corporation has chosen the path of the long-run development in Belarus, and also has long-term political objectives.

Mr. Luo Zhanhui has fully endorsed the work of the affiliated branch in Belarus, and also thanked Chairman of the Board of Directors for the provided assistance of CGICOP-Bel LLC to the Embassy both in the process of the Consular Section reconstruction at the Embassy, and in the construction of a new Embassy building, and etc. According to him, CGICOP has realised aspirations of the leaders of the two countries full well, and their work has set a certain reference standard. The state enterprises are obliged to promote and implement national policy, jointly with engineering economics to develop bilateral relations and to promote cultural exchanges. One ought not make a false step in a political sense, and it is necessary to obtain not only a high level of political consciousness, but also the consciousness of the interests of the whole, the consciousness of defending the leadership core, the consciousness of leveling.

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Photo: Mr. Su Haming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, keeps a confab with Mr. Luo Zhanhui, Charge d'affaires a.i. at the Embassy of China.

September 3rd, Mr. Su Haiming together with Mr. Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province, visited CGICOP-Bel LLC. The Governor was given an accurate account of the areas of CGICOP activities and development abroad, all members of the sole executive authority jointly inspected thoroughly the works on the design and construction of the project G∙S Plaza "Pearl". April 4th, in the conference hall of CGICOP-Bel LLC the meeting of the working group was held, during which the instructions and demands for further company development were given.

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Photo: Mr. Su Haiming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, checks up on CGICOP-Bel LLC work.

Mr. Su Haiming has given assent to the work of the subsidiary of the company in Belarus: he believes that the position of the company is up to par, the company is well operated and meets all requirements of the Corporation in the areas of full and comprehensive understanding of the information and external relations, as well as successfully builds a solid team of professionals and creates a strong organization structure.

At the meeting, Mr. Su Haiming gave clear instructions and requirements concerning the eight aspects of the further company development in Belarus.

First and foremost, it is necessary to strengthen the party construction of government enterprises, especially of the foreign establishment, to have a high degree of political awareness and to have nothing to do with what is contrary to the spirit of the central authorities. It is essential to build a cohesive team, to carry out a clear division of rights and responsibilities, and to enjoy a positive connection to your team.

Secondly, due to its geographical position the company needs to be centered in Belarus, though it is also responsible for Eastern Europe market analysis and all Russian-speaking countries. Until next year, there is a need to explore and to tap 2-3 new markets, as well as to carry out a complete market research and the project work in this field.

Thirdly, working in a particular business field, the Belarusian company represents the Parent company in the areas of investment activities, HCM, staff relations, and etc., thereby covering all levels of the construction industry. Integrating project development, consultancy support, building and construction work, operational service and other areas are need to be done through the implementation of construction contracts of the company. Along with that it is highly required to work for further business development through the movement from the economic activities dominated by physical labor to those economic activities that require a high level of education, training and experience. It is necessary to use to the full construction-investment, and cultural-tourism groups, as well as logistics and procurement platform in the areas of cultural tourism and international trade on the market in Belarus.

In the fourth place, it is necessary to ensure the early commencement of works on the object "G∙S Plaza Pearl" by reasonable distribution of deadlines, construction costs control, quality and security, in particular during the demolition of the existing old buildings it is also needed to conduct a qualitative safety evaluation, and to monitor this safety level consistently.

Fifth, the Belarusian affiliated company needs to tap the market of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone promptly. Thus, it's necessary to have 2-3 Great Stone residents, which would be provided with design consultation and engineering services by CGICOP-Bel LLC. At the same time, the dominant investment project have to be chosen in parallel with the search for Chinese high-tech manufacturing and enterprises, which could become members of the industrial Park either. It is necessary to conduct a serious research in the mentioned by the Governor of Gansu Province logistics and transport fields, to undertake such a research work concerning logistics parks in the Grodno region near the town of Orsha, to start as soon as possible the implementation of the project regarding the construction of the Logistics Park. As well, the collaborative relationship with hospitals in the six country regions and Minsk are possible both for construction investing and operation of the Chinese medical centers, and for assistance in development of Chinese medicine in Belarus.

Sixthly, it is necessary to monitor the implementation of the municipal projects, and the construction of a new building of the Embassy of China in Belarus under the control of the Ministry of Commerce, actively supporting the internal communication and contacts with China for the security assurances of the project.

In the seventh place, it is essential to continue intensifying efforts in developing the market, to break new ground on principial directions, to follow the course of projects implementation, and at the same time reconciling the commerce activities and market conduct.

Eighth, it is necessary to attract talented employees, and to give them possibilities of the development, to monitor the growth of their salaries, to improve the corporate organization, to strengthen the processes of the team building process within the company, to maintain good relations between the company, government authorities and other partners, to create a positive image actively, and to have nothing to do with activities that may cause damage to the image of China, in particular the image of Gansu Province and of the Corporation in the whole.

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Photo: Chairman of the Board of Directors visited the construction site of CGICOP-Bel LLC in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone.

The official representatives of CGICOP "International engineering company" - Ms. Luo Ping, director, and Mr. Wu Xiangzu, deputy director - at the meeting jointly made a speech about the further company development of CGICOP-Bel LLC. It was the demand of failure of CGICOP-Bel LLC from the idea of assistance expectations from the parent organization, and at the same time the company shall faithfully implement and consistently enforce the main ideas expressed by Mr. Su Haiming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in the course of his company performance monitoring during the last few days. It is necessary to maintain communication and to continue coordination work between CGICOP-Bel LLC and the parent company, as well as to ensure the successful development of all company activities.

During their visit to Belarus, Mr. Su Haiming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, accompanied Mr. Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province, in the opening ceremony of the center of traditional Chinese medicine, the delegation of Gansu Province took part in the negotiations in the Grodno regional Executive Committee, and together with the Governor of Gansu Province visited the facilities of China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone.

September 5th, Mr. Su Haiming visited the chancellory of the Commercial Counselor of China's Embassy to Belarus Mr. Yang Xiumin, and listened to Counselor's recommendation regarding the development of the company's operations, the neighborhood markets and other issues, whence having brought the audit of the company activities in Belarus to a successful conclusion.

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Photo: Chairman of the Board of Directors together with the Governor of Gansu Province visited the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone.

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Photo: Mr. Su Haiming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, keeping the confab with Mr. Yang Xiumin, the Counselor of the Embassy of China.

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Photo: Chairman of the Board of Directors takes part in the opening ceremony of the of Centre of traditional Chinese medicine in Grodno.